07 April, 2020

Seeking to facilitate the daily lives of people in self-isolation due to the coronavirus, a mobile app Quarantine has been developed and launched. The app will benefit not only those who are obliged to stay in quarantine and isolate themselves at home, but also everyone who cares about their own health and the health of those around them.

The initiative to apply smart technologies to the isolation of quarantined persons came from the joint efforts of the Government, the National Public Health Centre (NPHC), the team of the wellness app Lympo, Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinic and Vilnius City Municipality. The Quarantine app is designed to monitor coronavirus symptoms on a daily basis, as well as to promote preventive actions and supervise self-isolation.

“We aim to encourage people to self-isolate voluntarily and to collect real-time data about their whereabouts with their consent. With the advent of the app and its active use by residents, we also hope to reduce the workload of the NPHC’s call centre in collecting this data. In addition, we hope that this tool will have a positive social impact. All municipalities, associations and businesses are invited to join the further development, use and dissemination of the app. We hope that daily health monitoring will help stop the spread of COVID-19”, says Director of NPHC Robertas Petraitis.

“Our main vision is to unite the nation to fight the spread of the virus. We are glad that by using new technology solutions and game elements we can turn the process of self-isolation into a meaningful and valuable experience”, adds Ada Jonušė, Head of Lympo.

Users, who consent to the transfer of data, every day will be able to find information on health challenges, recommendations from the World Health Organization on how to reduce the spread of the virus, where to go if the first symptoms occur, tips on staying healthy and boosting immunity at home. The Quarantine app will also provide regular official updates on the coronavirus situation in the country. For all actions and provision of information about their health status the users of the Quarantine app will be rewarded with points that they will be able to exchange for awards and discounts in the app store. It should be noted that the app does not provide medical advice yet, so if you feel unwell, you should call the Coronavirus Hotline 1808 immediately.

The app is also expected to become a significant tool for those in mandatory 14-day self-isolation. Similar practices are already in place in other countries. Anyone who agrees to quarantine themselves at home with the Quarantine app will record the location of their isolation. This person can be contacted at any time and asked to send proof that he or she has not changed his or her whereabouts, which will add to the physical checks currently carried out by municipal officials on persons in self-isolation. The operator of the app will have the right to notify the police about persons who do not comply with self-isolation, which in turn will take appropriate action. The app could be especially useful for long-distance drivers who return to Lithuania and have to be in mandatory isolation for 14 days or until the next departure.

The free updated Quarantine app, which is already available in Lithuanian and English and will be available in Russian and Polish soon, can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play stores.

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Last updated: 23 04 2020