08 May, 2020

According to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania declaring quarantine on the entire territory of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian nationals will be allowed, as of 11 May, to travel to Poland for work, business or studies, but they will be required to produce supporting documents: an employment contract, business certificate, company document and a certificate from a Polish education establishment confirming the fact of studying. The documents will have to be shown to the Polish border guards, who on their part will take a final decision regarding the individual entry into the territory of Poland.

The return to Lithuania will be allowed not only through Kalvarija - Budzisko but also through Lazdijai - Ogrodniki border crossing points.  The returnees who have travelled to Poland for work, business or studies will not be subjected to 14-days’ isolation. The same conditions will apply to the Polish nationals travelling to Lithuania for work, business or studies.

The Lithuanian nationals will be free to travel to Latvia and Estonia as of 15 May. This will be possible through the following three border crossing points with Latvia: Saločiai - Grenstale, Butingė – Rucava and Smėlynė - Medume. It will be also possible to return to Lithuania through the above-mentioned border crossing points as of 15 May. Lithuanians returning from Latvia and Estonia will not be subjected to 14-days’ isolation.

The same will apply to Latvian and Estonian nationals.

EU Internal border controls have been extended until 31 May.

Unofficial translation of resolution can be found here. (In Lithuanian, consolidated version as of 30 May 2020).

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Last updated: 11 06 2020