02 September, 2020

Today the Government has decided that as of 1 September, organizers of mass events held at closed and open spaces will be able to opt for electronic ticket sales or to register event participants.

According to Minister of the Interior Rita Tamašunienė, this solution will simplify the work of event organizers while meeting traceability requirements.

‘Event organizers are facing difficulties, as they might have been most significantly affected by the COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, opportunities are being sought to simplify the procedure for organization of events, while ensuring the safety of all persons taking part in the events at the same time,’ says the Minister of the Interior.

Where organizers of an event are not able to ensure safety, a maximum of 300 spectators and/or participants will be admitted to the event (excluding performers, athletes participating in high-performance sports competitions, high-performance sports and physical activity specialists, high-performance sports and physical activity instructors, referees, doping control officers, organizers, and service staff).

The Cabinet of Ministers has also approved the proposal of the Ministry of the Interior to facilitate the arrival of foreigners to attend the funeral of a family member. From now on, a Government-approved permit from the Minister of the respective area will no longer be required.

‘To ensure that family members can attend a funeral, and given that it is difficult to issue a permit for arriving at a funeral on time, we believe that this exception is reasoned and timely. The procedure applied so far in this particular case, that is, concerning funerals, is simply too long,’ says Minister of the Interior Rita Tamašunienė.

The facilitation will apply to foreigners arriving at the Republic of Lithuania to attend the funeral of a family member (a spouse or a registered partner, a parent (adoptive parent), a child (adopted child), a sibling).

Last updated: 27 10 2020