01 June, 2022

The fourth dose of COVID-19 will be available from Monday to all adults with chronic immunodeficiency or severe immune dysfunction, including those who are under immunosuppressants.

Re-vaccination is recommended 90 days after the booster dose. Family doctor should be contacted for this.
The usual dose of Comirnaty or half the dose of Spikevax (0.25 ml) will be administered as the fourth dose (or as the third for those with the booster as the second dose).

Further vaccination in other population groups has been planned for the autumn.

The identification of the other groups to be recommended to vaccinate will rest on the data collected and the outcomes of the related studies. The plans are to vaccinate senior population and other clinically vulnerable individuals.

Currently, first-time vaccination is available for those aged five years and older, and booster dose for those aged 12 years and older by registering online or by contacting their family doctor. You can register and find out more about vaccination at the website:

Almost 70% of Lithuania’s population have already been vaccinated with one, two or three doses. The nation’s overall immunity against COVID-19 is above 80%.

Last updated: 01 06 2022