07 March, 2022

As of 5 March, the requirement for the total of 15 m2 of retail space per visitor in marketplaces or other points of sale indoors will be no more.  The decision has been taken in view of the declining incidence of COVID-19, also the steady number of patients in the intensive care since the beginning of February.

There has already been easing of certain restrictions in the past, including self-isolation of exposed individuals, recommended instead of mandatory flow management in education establishments, and wearing face masks during classes in primary schools.

Corrections have been made as regards entry to Lithuania in view of the recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the decreasing possibilities to reach the Russian Federation by air transport. Citizens of the European Union and Lithuania and their family members wishing to leave the Russian Federation are guaranteed the possibility of return/entry to Lithuania by train. Those travelling by transit trains with the permission of the relevant minister will be allowed to board and deboard in the territory of Lithuania. It has also been decided to abandon the requirement to have a positive result of a COVID-19 test on arrival, providing instead for a possibility of testing in Lithuania. 

Last updated: 07 03 2022