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08 February, 2021

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation will provide EUR30 million to test small and medium-sized business representatives for coronavirus. Businesses will be partially reimbursed for rapid tests and tests carried out in health care establishments. One rapid serological test or a rapid antigen test will becompensated at a rate of EUR 12. These funds will allow testing of about 100 employees, and one person could be tested 12 times in three months.   

‘We want business to be able to continue activities smoothly and safely, therefore we initiate testing compensation for companies so that they can regularly test their employees. This support will both reduce costs for companies that are already testing their employees and we hope will encourage more companies to do so. Regular testing will make it possible to trace the infected cases very quickly, so companies will protect their employees and will be able to operate without interruptions. About 100 thousand employees can be tested for this money, and one person could be tested 12 times in three months,’ says Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė.   

The compensation will be paid to small and medium-sized businesses, including self-employed individuals whose activities were restricted during the second quarantine. Businesses that have not exceeded the state aid threshold of EUR 200 thousand in the last two years will be eligible for this aid. The testing of employees must be carried out on a regular basis and compensation will be paid to undertakings periodically according to the number of tests carried out.   

Rapid testing allows rapid detection of cases of illness and shortening or avoiding isolation of some employees. The rapid serological test for antibodies determines whether a person has had a coronary virus, and a rapid antigen test shows whether he/she is currently suffering from the disease. The antibody test shall be carried out at intervals of no more than 60 days, and the antigen test shall be carried out at intervals of no more than 7 days and at least every 10 days.

Last updated: 11 02 2021