05 October, 2022

Those aged 12 years and older can register for the first booster dose and those aged 18 years and older can also receive a second booster dose.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is available from health care facilities. Those willing to receive a booster dose are invited to register online or contact their health care provider. Online registration is available from the website, logged in via the Electronic Government Gateway. You can choose the place and time for vaccination at your health care provider. It is also possible to register another person, such as a family member. What you will need, is to log in under your own name and enter the ID number of the patient you are registering.

Please note the difference in the algorithms for administering the first and second booster doses. In the case of completion of the primary series only, the booster dose would be administered 6 months after the last dose, or 6 months after the recovery. A second booster dose is administered 6 months after the first booster or 9 months after the recovery. These periods may be shorter for those at higher risk from coronavirus. They are therefore recommended to consult the doctor.

It is recommended that people at risk receive the COVID-19, influenza and pneumococcal vaccination at the same time. This can be done at the same time. It is recommended that the family doctor is consulted individually about the vaccines.

Vaccination with the first or second booster dose will be done with vaccines available with the health care provider at that time. It is not possible to predict which variants of the virus will emerge and circulate later in the autumn and winter, and it is therefore not possible to predict which adapted vaccines will provide the best protection. However, all the approved adapted vaccines are suitable for vaccination of the population with a booster dose.

Last updated: 19 10 2022