04 March, 2021

As of 10 March, all passengers arriving or returning to Lithuania from abroad will be required to present a negative COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection) test result obtained not earlier than 3 days before the arrival. This requirement applies to all modes of transport on international routes. This decision was adopted by the Government.

The Government decision stipulates that all persons returning or arriving to Lithuania via international passenger services by regular, special or charter trips (by any mode of transport), must have a document (in one of the official languages of the European Union) stating a negative COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection) test result obtained not earlier than 72 hours before returning or arriving to the Republic of Lithuania. A serological antibody test result shall not be accepted.

Ramūnas Dilba, Chancellor of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, said “This decision is very important in order to prevent the COVID-19 virus and its strains from entering Lithuania as well as to minimise the risk of it spreading in the country. In the communications sector, we will make every effort to ensure that all requirements are complied with upon arriving at the gates of entry into the country by any mode of transport.”

All carriers operating and executing regular, special and charter passenger services on international routes will be required to ensure that passengers who have not been tested for COVID-19 and who are unable to provide a negative test result are denied boarding.

An exception shall be made only for crew members who transport passengers on international routes by all types of transport, as well as persons in transit through Lithuania, persons under the age of 16 and also those vaccinated or previously infected and now recovered, if positive diagnosis was confirmed by the SARS-CoV-2 or antigen test result, and, before the arrival to Lithuania, not more than 90 days had passed since the positive test result had been obtained.

Until now those arriving to or returning from countries on the list of the affected countries had to present a negative COVID-19 test result obtained not earlier than two days before the arrival or had to be tested in Lithuania.

Upon enhancing the screening of all passengers arriving to Lithuania from abroad on 8 February, the verification of the National Public Health Center forms and QR codes, evaluation of COVID-19 test results and test times shall continue at all entry checkpoints, i. e. airports and seaports. Arriving or returning passengers must also undergo self-isolation.

Last updated: 04 03 2021